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Have you been to the dentist lately? How about those prices??? Do you feel that you will need the help of the US Treasury to be able to afford even a part of your needed dental work? Was the dentist kidding when he quoted you those costs?? Probably not! Read More

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Welcome to our website! Dentist and there staff have a combined 20 years in Dentistry. Doctors specializes in General Dentistry for all members of the family. We also have a plethora of contacts for the special works we may not do in the office.
Thank you for your visiting our Mexico Dental Directory, Our Dentist is a gentle and caring person with numerous satisfied clients. Please read some testimonies below. If there is anyway we may help you in your dentistry needs, please call us at (619) 962-3622

Be Good To Your Gums. You'll Need Them!

The importance of quality care for your gums is an often overlooked area in caring for your teeth. Remember, gums are what hold your teeth in your mouth and they must me flosssed, brushed and exercised on a regular basis. With all of the advanced technologies available...

A Close Look At Dentists

Mexico Dental Directory.Com has searched and filtered out the dentist on this website, we have personally hand picked each of the dentists that is in our directory, you can be assured that whoever you choose for your dental problems will be of the highest caliber, Mexico Dental Directory.Com has scrutinized their premises for cleanliness and for up todate technology in the field of dentistry, all dentists are fully licensed and governed by the country of Mexico, The doctors continually updates themselves on new techniques and practices through their attendance at local,regional and national conferences of the ADM (Mexican Dental Association)The Dentists also attends regular training sessions provided by the UABC.

Testimonials From Our Customers

"The Dentists and there staff were incredible. I could not bear the thought of going in to the dentist I grew up with. But the staff at the Dentist's office was comforting and put my mind at ease. I even watched my favorite soap opera while they cleaned my teeth!"
JoAnn M.

After going to three other dentists, Mexico Dentists realized what was happening with my teeth. The gums simply needed more care and attention. After the initial cleaning, I new I had finally found a Dentist I could trust with my teeth. I highly recommend Mexico Dentists.
Andrew E.